New Spanish Horror Screening at Cervantes Institute January 23

The Philip K Dick Festival is happy to host a retrospective on  Spanish Horror  every Wednesday at 6pm at the Cervantes Institute.

Admission is free
Address is 211 East 49thst, in Manhattan,nyc, between 2 and first avenue

The screening begin January 16..(already passed) and go on to March 6

This coming week we are proud to have  the super hard to find film

Who can kill a child?

Photo: This is a classic hard to find film dealing with an island overwrought by murderous children. This gem is regarded by many film critics up there with the Birds and Village of the Damned.In fact the original name in English was called The Damned.


directed by Narcisso Ibanez Serrador. Story about a group of

Brits that end up in an island populated by murderous children. This film has been

compared to the Birds and Village of the Damned.

Trivia question- What Star Trek episode  were only children existed…?

Who can kill a child?

For a full selection of the movies click on this link Selection – All have subtitles

See you then, and remember its FREE .

Spanish Horror Film Series: A Quick Look in Eight Films

film series

Jose Luis Rebordinos, founder of the Horror Film Festival in San Sebastian and editor of Nosferatu magazine, has selected 8 of his preferred horror films. “I had two possibilities: selecting eight unknown thrillers, but that I really liked or choosing eight films that represent the different ways the Spanish horror genre has been recognized within last two decades.  I opted for the latter. For some Spanish horror film lovers, they will be well-known. For many others who are not familiar with this film genre, it will be a treat”.

Entidades Organizadoras

Instituto Cervantes (Nueva York)

Collaborating Organisation

The Phillip K. Dick Sicence Fiction Film Festival

Instituto Cervantes

By the way all the films now have subtitles, so no need to bring the google translator with you.


Angela Posada Swafford added as third panelist to our festival program

  •  Angela Posada Swafford will be attending our panel – Is science fiction the science of the future? Angela is a frequent contributor  to the magazine Muy Interesante, one of the largest Latino publications devoted to science issues.Angela is regarded as one of the top 100 writers in Latin American science fiction and a  profilic author of children’s books on science.

Visit our sister festival in San Francisco September 22-23

On September  22-23 , the largest assembly of Philip K Dick fans will converge in San Francisco to attend the Philip K Dick festival. This event will feature non stop films and lectures  based on the writings of the great sci-fi writer.Reading from the Exegesis plus gnostic discussions on the nature of reality and time will spice up the events. A bonus screening of  Radio Free Albemuth,a movie based on the posthumous novel by Philip K Dick is planned during the event.

The new look of the festival goes live!!!!!

Its been a minute since the last post . But I have been busy.

First we have a new look to the festival . Check it out its , red,white and black.

Wading through interns and sponsors to make this festival an exciting and memorable event.\ I am working on a futuristic new fashion show for the festival and a robot exhibition . At the festival we will feature Draxx a huge monster.

I am also talking to Svedka to come on board as a sponsor using the very adorable fembot of theirs.
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Starting next week I will talk to panelists. So stay tune for the new faces and judges of the festival.